Delta Psi

Samford University


Kaley Claudepierre


"I am excited to serve the women in our chapter by being a servant-hearted leader. I want to lead by example and push our members to the best version of themselves. I love these women so much and am honored every day that I get to be in this role! I hope that God is able to use me in this role to shine a bright light for him."

Leah Joseph

VP I Coordinator of Committees

“I am so incredibly excited to help lead & serve our chapter this year as VP I! I can’t wait to work with programs council as each of them will have their own unique job when it comes to bettering & uniting the chapter through creative events & ideas!! I’m excited to get to know each person individually, as well as being a group of leaders who work together for zeta!”

Tori Gamboa

VP II New Member Coordinator

“I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve the chapter as VP II!! I cannot wait to hear the chapter’s ideas and teach the new members all about why ZTA is so special and help them find their place in the chapter this fall!”

Olivia Matherne

VP III Membership Chairman

“I am absolutely honored to lead our chapter through recruitment and membership enrichment. I have high expectations and even higher hopes for the growth and refinement of these girls throughout the next year!” ⭐️

Ashley Badin


“I am excited to serve as Treasurer because I aim to give back to a place that has given so much to me. In Zeta, I feel known and celebrated for my true self! After serving on PC last year, I knew that I wanted to serve my chapter in a bigger way. Being passionate about personal finance and this chapter made treasurer the perfect fit. I am excited to share what I know, love on my zistas, support my fellow EC members and keep the chapter’s finances running smoothly!”

Allyson Beck

Recording Secretary

“I’m super excited to serve delta psi as our new chapter secretary! I can’t wait to help lead our chapter in membership involvement in Greek life and Samford events!”

Kylie Pitt

Historian Reporter

“I’m so honored to have this position & I think social media is the perfect way to spread awareness of our philanthropy & the love within our sisterhood. I am happy I get to be a part in showing what the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Psi chapter are all about.”

Gracie Carpenter

Ritual Chairman

“im so excited for our sisterhood to grow this year and for our chapter to get closer together! We have such an amazing group of girls and this is going to be the best year yet!”

Ann Parker

Panhellenic Delegate

“I am honored to be serving the chapter as Panhellenic Delegate. I look forward to building stronger relationships within the Panhellenic community this year! Sorority women are strong and confident and love to serve for the betterment of others, and I could not be more proud to be in this community. Go Greek and Go Zeta!!

Taryn Adams

Housing Manager

"I am so grateful and excited to be able to serve as House Manager this year! The house plays a vital role in the chapter and I can't wait to continue to enhance it in order to strengthen our sisterhood!"

Amanda Walsh

Academic Achievement Chairman

“I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come this year as I serve in this position! Our chapter is filled with so many brilliant and motivated girls and I’m honored to work alongside them and see them succeed. I’m definitely most excited for all that our girls will accomplish this year both inside and outside of the classroom! Zetas are so incredibly smart!!!”

Mary Britain Burgess

Risk Reduction & Education Chairman

"I am so excited to have the opportunity to reshape the view of Risk Management as I approached this position with a fresh outlook! Zeta has been such a highlight of my first semester of college and I'm thrilled to be able to invest into this chapter so that it can be a highlight for many other girls in the future."