Olivia Matherne


"Through every step of my time at Samford, the women of Zeta Tau Alpha have been my biggest blessings. I feel extremely lucky to love on them over this next year. On behalf of the Executive Council, we are thankful, honored, and pumped for the opportunity to serve and lead Delta Psi together!"

Ashley Badin


“I am excited to serve as Treasurer because I aim to give back to a place that has given so much to me. In Zeta, I feel known and celebrated for my true self! Being passionate about personal finance and this chapter made treasurer the perfect fit. I am excited to share what I know, love on my sisters, support my fellow EC members and keep the chapter’s finances running smoothly!”

Halle Reynolds

Programs Council Coordinator (VPI)

"I am beyond excited and honored to be VP1 because I have the opportunity to work with the incredible women on our Programs Council! It is a blessing to be involved in everything that we do, help plan the best events for our girls, and have an opportunity to be intentional in our relationships. I cannot wait to see these girls grow and to have a hand in every aspect of ZTA, cheering them on every step of the way!"

Ellen Conley

New Member Coordinator (VPII)

“Being Vice President of New Member Coordination has given me a whole new appreciation for Zeta and brought me some of the sweetest friendships I didn’t know I needed! Through this position, I have the honor of navigating our new members through their journey to becoming an official Zeta, helping them find their big sisters, fostering connections, and showing them the infinite ways our chapter can grow them throughout their time at Samford. I love being able to pour into our new members in the same way other women in Zeta have poured into me and am thankful for how it has shown me the Lord’s faithfulness in my life.”

Jacey Robinson

Membership Chair (VPIII)

"I am so so excited to serve as this year’s Vice President of Membership & Recruitment! Through serving on the recruitment committee last year, I got an up-close look at the “behind the scenes” of what recruitment is like. Recruitment is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking experience and I wanted those who step into our house to know that we admire them for who they really are! Planning this year’s recruitment has reminded me of the reasons I fell in love with ZTA and I can’t wait to help portray that to the Potential New Members this fall. It is such an honor to lead Delta Psi through recruitment events and to show PNMs that we are eager to get to know them and to show them what ZTA means to us!"

Olivia Sisk

Philanthropy Chair (VPIV)

"Serving the members of Delta Psi through being VP4 has been one of the biggest blessings of my college experience. I have been able to develop great friendships with other members and advisors that I know will go beyond my years at Samford. It has been so rewarding to see my sisters give back to the community in personal and intentional ways. Making philanthropy a greater part of our purpose as a chapter has been so fulfilling, and I cannot wait to help develop our involvement with Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, as well as local philanthropies, this semester! I could not love the women in our chapter more, and I am so blessed by them every day!"

Sarah Brown

Recording Secretary

"I wanted to serve on our Executive Council because of I love our chapter and I wanted to become more involved and serve our chapter in a larger capacity! I love my position because I get to work with every girl in the chapter and alongside the amazing women on our council. It has been an amazing experience and my position has pushed me and grown me in my leadership skills!"

Lucy Eubanks

Risk Reduction and Education

“I am so excited to be leading for Delta Psi!! It is a huge blessing to work with the rest of our wonderful EC to serve our chapter. I love leading in ZTA because I want to give back to an organization that has given me so much, and it is a chance to be part of something bigger than myself. I love being Risk Reduction and Education chair because it is an opportunity to share the lessons I’ve learned from my past with my sisters.”

Mattie Grace Holley

Academic Achievement Chair

“I wanted to serve Delta Psi because this place is a home to me that has allowed me to grow so much and meet amazing people, and I wanted to give back the best I can. I want to do all I can to benefit the girls in this chapter and make their college experience more enjoyable! I’m excited about my position because academia is something that is extremely important to me, and I want our girls to look at it as something to be excited about! I want them to see our sisterhood as not only a place to be with friends, but also an avenue for encouragement in academics.”

Elizabeth Elsey

Ritual Chair

“I’m so excited to serve Delta Psi along with the amazing Executive Council because this chapter has meant so much to me throughout my time at Samford! Delta Psi has pushed me, allowed me to grow, been a part of my favorite memories, and given me the best friends! I am very excited to be Ritual chair to educate our chapter on why we do the things we do. I believe I have the unique opportunity to allow our chapter to bond through our rituals."

Casidy Jo Grier

Panhellenic Delegate

"Getting to be Panhellenic Delegate this year has allowed me to fall more in love with Delta Psi and learn how to better serve this chapter! Having this position has developed so many new friendships within Greek life as I help Delta Psi continue to be involved with other Greek philanthropies here on campus. It has been such a joy to be on Executive Council this year and serve alongside such amazing and strong women! Getting the chance to help serve this chapter has been such a gift, and it has been an honor to represent Delta Psi amongst the other Greek organizations here on campus. My favorite part of being Panhellenic Delegate is the opportunity to serve the women of our chapter, supporting and helping them fall more in love with our amazing sisterhood!"

Neely Turner


"Being on Executive Council in Delta Psi is something that I aspired to do so that I could love on and serve our chapter better. Being Historian has given me a unique perspective as I strive to allow the outside world to see the sweet and tender everyday moments displayed in our sisterhood. It has also been such an honor to work alongside all of the women on EC, as they are some of my very best friends! I can not thank Zeta enough for all it has and continues to give me."

Riley Alexander

Housing Manager

“Delta Psi has been such a blessing to be a part of, and I love that I get to serve the chapter as the housing manager. My relationship with the girls of Delta Psi has grown incredibly this past year because being on Exec gives me the opportunity to invest and spend time with different girls. I love that I get to host events in the house because I have seen how it has created friendships and entertainment in the house! Not only do I get close to many girls, but I especially love how close I have gotten with EC. These girls are incredible and are always around if I need their help or support!”

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